The Horror Story of the Nightmare on Arapaho St.

The Nightmare on Arapaho St.


It all started 7 years ago when a lunatic escaped from the mental ward in Casper Wyoming on October 30th.

Bob Zegan fled to Cheyenne and roamed the city looking for a place to hide out. On Halloween night he came across some kids out trick or treating and followed them. Patiently waiting for them to set down their bags of candy! After several stops to get more candy, the kids hid beside the garage at 707 Arapaho St. Seeing his chance Bob snuck up on them and reached for the bags of candy. Steve caught him out of the corner of his eye and pulled out his machete and chopped off Bob’s left hand. Screaming in fear the other kids ran away as fast as they could knocking the machete from Steve’s hand. Bob quickly reached down, grabbed the machete. Then as Steve was running past, with one swipe off came his head thumping loudly to the concrete. Bob, bleeding and hungry, sat down next to the garage and greedily started devouring the candy. After all the bags of candy were gone, he still felt hungry. Seeing Steve’s body lying there. He pulled up the Machete and chopped Steve up into little pieces. Meanwhile Bob was losing blood fast, it sprayed in spurts all over the side of the garage and ground. Feeling weak and lightheaded he leaned up against the garage and drifted off to sleep. Dreaming of all the candy and plotting revenge on the kids that took his Left hand and his Life.

So now each year on Halloween, Bob waits machete in hand for tasty kids and their bags of goodies!

The Nightmare on Arapaho Street


I am sure by now you have all heard about Bob and the Kids, but after Halloween 2018 things have changed! We had several people saying that when they were going thru the Haunt, Something or Someone was Ripping holes in their candy bags and taking candy. I ask them to show me their bags, looking closely there were no holes or Rips. I just figured that the Kids were trying to get more candy! As the night went along, more kids were saying that their bags had been ripped and had lost candy. Still no Holes or Rips. I ended up taking a large bag of candy in tow and walking through the entire Haunted House. I felt a little resistance when walking thru some of the curtains and doors but nothing Ripping at the bag.

By then the night was almost over. The kids were heading for home. I went and got my headlamp and started turning off some of the props and turning down the music. The Actors that help with the Scares, got cleaned up and headed for home. As I headed back in to finish turning stuff off, I looked down with my light and I noticed a large pile of candy wrappers in the corner.

The First thing that came to mind was the Actors! So, I gave them a call just asking if they had had candy in the Haunt. I got 4 solid NO’S! Back in the Haunt I go to collect the rest. I noticed that all the wrappers were different than we were handing out. As I was collecting the last wrappers from the corner, I glanced under one of the Ghouls! There sits another Huge pile of wrappers.

Now, I’m really starting to wonder. It would have taken 50 kids to eat that much candy in 5 hours. I headed into the garage and grabbed a large garbage bag. Headed back loading handful after handful of the wrappers. That’s when I got a scare!! I found a large pillowcase shredded and torn apart. I took the pillowcase into the light and on the top was written STEVE!!! With Dried Blood all over the bag! The hair standing up on the back of my neck as the memories of the kids that lost their lives back in 2012.

So, this year if you want to give Bob your candy! Bring it in the Haunt! If not, then I would leave it out front where it is safe!!

Hopefully, Bob won’t start eating Kids instead!!

The Nightmare on Arapaho Street


The Horror Continues!! By now you all have read the history of Bob and the evils that lurk within.

With all the HORRORS of 2020. I didn’t think that things could get any worse! Boy was I wrong, the night before Halloween I was getting things ready to go for the night. Turning on props and making sure everything was working. I started at the front working my way around and I got to the last prop. Flipped the switch and suddenly everything that could make noise, move, or light up came to life. Blasting noises and lights. I waited a minute to see if they were going to stop. Several minutes went by and they were all still going! So, I proceeded to walk back through turning them all off. I got back to the last one and finally silence! As I tried to figure out a reason for this, I walked back through turning them on again. I paused listening to see if anything was running. All quiet… so I turn the last one on and nothing. Started walking through to get ready for all the fun and still quiet.

The night starts off with a couple small groups and no issues. But as I started heading through with the next group one little girl asks it things are going to move and make noises. I tell her they won’t go off unless I trigger them. She smiles and heads into the Haunt. Things are fine until we get to the last prop, then everything goes haywire! Props are running, music starts blasting, lights start flashing, and the little girl is SCREAMING at the top of her lungs. You promised they were not going to scare me!! And she starts running to the exit. I got out front and tried to explain to her parents that I didn’t set anything off. They loaded up in the car, the little girl giving me an upset frown. I go back in trying to figure out how and why things were going off. There is nothing connecting any of them together. Most are on battery and others are wired to power. Still bewildered, I headed back out to get the next group. The rest of the night runs smoothly.

Halloween night arrives, my brain still trying to understand why and how thing went crazy. I turn everything on with no issues. I thank Bob for not messing with me and get dressed for a busy night. About 2 hours into the night everything has been running as planned and all of a sudden Bob is at it again Lights are gone! Music is gone! None of the Props will come on. I escort the group to the front and head inside to try and figure this one out! Power on, check. Radio on, check. Props all switched on and good batteries, check. Scratching my head, I walk to the front door to go to the candy coffin. Grabbed 2 pieces, took them in and put them on the shelf. Then said to Bob, you can have them if you turn stuff back on. I walked outside and started to explain to people that we are having technical problems and I am trying to figure it out. I start heading back in the door and WHAM!! Music is Blasting, Lights are Flashing, and Props are all going off. I turned around and said, WHO’S NEXT!! I didn’t have any more issues the rest of the night!! But I’m sure you are all wondering if the candy was gone!

As I walked the next group through, I glanced up and nothing, but wrappers were left on the shelf!

The Nightmare on Arapaho Street


After this year I am starting to believe that Bob is as much a prankster as a Killer!

The building of the Haunt was going well considering the rain and other delays. Once the weather gave me a break, I started setting up the Façade, got the walls set up and put on the new metal roof. Just in time!! 5 minutes after the roof was done, we got a severe storm. A little while later I went out to see how bad we were flooding, found several places that needed to be sealed. Marked them with some red paint.

The next day I took the can of spray foam and sealed up all the red spots. Came back out after they had time to dry and found several places that had dripped on the concrete. One of the places made me take a step back! Where it had dripped was clearly marked “RIP” and above it looked like a person holding a knife and a person laying on the floor gutted. (Photo Evidence Below)

That started out the season with a bit of a surprise, but by now I am used to this and just cleaned it up and went back to building. But this was just the start of Bob’s pranks! A couple days later I’m out setting up walls and as usual I have several staplers, hammers and drills laying around. I sat the drill down that I was using on a little corner shelf. Turned around and grabbed another wall section and some screws. Holding the wall in one hand I reach to grab the drill! No Drill! So, I leaned the wall up against another wall and looked for my missing drill. I looked on the floor under the shelf, thinking I just knocked it over. No Drill! Looked in the pile of black fabric I put up to cover the ceiling. No Drill! Stumped I sat and scratched my head, and said “Ok, Bob where is my Drill!! I looked through the wall that has bars like a prison and there sat my Drill, on top of a tub on the other side. No possible way that I could have gotten over to set it down where it was at. So, I moved the stack of walls that were leaning in the middle of the room and retrieved my drill. The rest of the day I hung the drill from my belt!

The rest of the building went without Bob’s interference. Then the day before we were opening. I was hanging masks on the wall I got about 75% of the masks up. Then I heard a knock on the outside door. I figured either neighbor kids or someone wanting to know when we opened. I walked over to the front door and looked outside. No One! I looked around and waited for a few minutes. Still No One! So, I went back in and started hanging masks. A few minutes later, another knock. I was like ok someone is messing with me. So being sneaky, I went out the back and down the alley and around the neighbor’s house. I sat behind the corner and watched the front of the haunt. Still No One! I went back in. I figured they heard me go out the back. I thought to myself, I have my camera system on! So, I went into the house and looked at the recording. Both cameras that could see the front were both working. But as I was rewinding, I saw myself step out the door and look around. So, I hit rewind a few minutes more and then hit play. As it was rewinding, I did not see anyone near the door. I thought to myself it was just going too fast. I continued watching and then I saw myself step out the front door. Still No One! Thought to myself there was a second knock, so I kept watching and then I saw myself walk around the neighbor’s van and into the Haunt. Still No One! I stopped playback and went back to hanging masks. Thinking, Thanks Bob for wasting 2 hours of my time. As I was hanging the last mask, I heard another knock on the door. I said out loud HA HA! They are all hung up Bob! I walked into the house, not even looking out front!

It is here!

The opening day for 2022. Everything runs smooth and no “Bob”!! I shut down for the night and as I turned off the lights, I sat 2 Snicker’s bars on top of the clown box and retired for the night. I did the same for nights 2 and 3. Still no “Bob”.

Night 4, No “Bob” I shut everything down, totally worn out I headed to bed!

“Yes” I forgot the Snicker’s!

The next night “Monday” we were closed. But after the long weekend I had some repairs that need to be done. So back work, had a couple walls that had moved and a clown prop that got bumped off the shelf. The big job was one of the doors would not close. I figured it had just shifted as well. Check my mark on the floor as to where it should be, it was right on the mark! Checked the hinges and latch. All good! Thought maybe the fabric was pinching in hinged side of the door, so I pull a bunch of staples and behind the fabric is 6 snicker wrappers jammed in the gap! I removed the wrappers and swung the door and it worked perfectly. Re-attached the fabric, walked over to the candy bowl, and got 4 Snicker’s and put them on the clown box. Thinking to myself, “Sorry, I forgot the Snicker’s”.

The next 6 nights I put out 2 Snicker’s! Everything ran smoothly, until Halloween night. I think Bob just wanted to help scare kids! About halfway through the night I was leading a group through the haunt, the lady in the front yells at me something is blocking the way through the fabric. Figuring it was one of the haunters, I stepped forward into the fabric. Reaching forward I walked straight thru. No one was there, I looked around the corner cause there was supposed to be a haunter there. Nobody was there! I walked up to where the next haunter was and asked where the other haunter was. She said he had to go to the restroom. I thought the lady must have been stepping on the fabric and just continued through the haunt. A little while later, I was leading a group of teenagers through, and I heard, I thought you are not allowed to touch. So, I told her that she was correct. She was like someone keeps pulling my hair. I looked behind her and no one was there. I let them go in front of me and continued. Then suddenly, she looked at me and said “Quit pulling my hair” stumped I showed her my hands. One hand holding a machete and the other holding the light controls. I tried explaining but she just glared at me. She moved up into the middle of the group. I figured ok, now she should be fine. A few steps later I heard her yell again! And she comes pushing past me out the exit. I walked out front and asked her friends if they were pulling her hair. All of them said “No!”. so, I asked if they had their hair pulled and again a “No!”. I apologized, saying it was probably catching on the props, fabric, or walls. But thinking “Bob was up to his evil ways.” I returned into the haunt 2 Snicker’s in hand and sat them down and said “Bob! There is only a couple more hours. Please no touching!” turned and walked to get the next group of people. The rest of the night Bob behaved, and he got 4 Snicker’s when we shut down for the season.

So, if you’re in the haunt and you don’t want to be a victim of Bob, make sure you leave him a Snicker’s! Just look for the pile of empty wrappers.

P.S. Bob does not like Milky Way’s! That was Steve’s favorite!